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Vision 2030 Draws The Future of Real Estate

The Kingdom’s Vision 2030 was launched with the main axes represented in a vibrant society, a prosperous economy, and an ambitious homeland. Since the launch of the vision, the Kingdom has witnessed great and unprecedented progress in all economic sectors, especially the real estate sector and its supporting industries, as the largest sector that constitutes a large part of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, where giant constructions and infrastructure that support the economy and raise the revenue of multiple other sectors, as the Kingdom’s vision contributes significantly to a change that is still ongoing in the future and scene of real estate.

Saudi Arabia is one of the most attractive countries for foreign investment due to its enormous oil wealth in addition to its human wealth of young people who qualify to complete the path of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, and the real estate sector in the Kingdom is one of the most prominent sectors that have witnessed great interest by the Saudi government over the past years.

Saudi real estate sector enjoys strong support represented in a package of administrative and investment facilities to attract investments at the local and international levels, and the Saudi market provides a variety of investment opportunities in the real estate sector, including, for example, the availability of residential units such as villas and apartments, commercial units such as shops in commercial centers and areas, in addition to the availability of land suitable for the establishment of companies and factories.

AQARAT EXPO… Unlimited Opportunities

In one of the largest economic and stable capitals of the Middle East, Riyadh hosts Expo properties as the new guest in the annual schedule of real estate and finance events in the Kingdom, to be one of the promising real estate forums that bring together stakeholders in the sector from interested individuals, companies and real estate developers for commercial and knowledge exchange in this continuously growing sector.

AQARAT EXPOaims to be an annual meeting place that provides unlimited unique opportunities to explore the Kingdom’s thriving real estate and real estate finance market and discover investment opportunities.

Over the course of four days in the heart of the capital Riyadh and at the Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center, the largest real estate developers, mortgage companies, banks and relevant government agencies will meet to present their services, discuss investment opportunities and inform 50,000 visitors about dozens of real estate and financing products and various services.

AQARAT EXPO is a vibrant, contemporary and rich new destination for all real estate pioneers


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Saudi Arabia

Promising Opportunities

Why Should You Exhibit at AQARAT EXPO?

Exhibitor Categories

01 Government Agencies
02 Real Estate Development Companies
03 Financing Companies

04 Property Management Companies
05 Engineering Companies
06 Real Estate Technology Companies

07 Banks and financial services companies
08 Real estate marketing companies and organizing auctions
09 Design & Decoration Companies

10 consulting and asset valuation firms
11 Real Estate Funds and Alliances
12 facilities operating and management companies

Why visit AQARAT EXPO?

01  Learn about the latest developments in the real estate sector
02 Explore the latest real estate products offered by exhibitors from residential units, villas, raw lands, resorts
03 Discover about the financing products for home ownership offered by banks and mortgage companies
04 Explore design and construction services provided by designers and consultants from expertise houses and contractors
05 Get advantage of exclusive offers offered by exhibitors to visitors specially at the expo
06 Meet the biggest and most prominent sector leaders from companies, individuals and experts and build more relationships in the real estate sector
07 Increase awareness and knowledge by participating and attending exhibitor panel discussions and workshops

AQARAT EXPO will be held in the heart of Riyadh at the Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Centre (RICEC), which is located on King Abdullah Road and has facilities that cater to exhibitors and visitors alike. The center contains many training halls, workshops and covered exhibition halls with an area of 15,000 square meters, in addition to the availability of a range of restaurants and cafes in the main lobby of the center